who let the dogs out?

I am sure you are all tired of my dog chasing stories but the saga continues. Plus, my arch nemesis will be revealed so bear with me. Blake is finding this whole situation hilarious.

I took Briar on what I thought was going to be a nice Saturday evening stroll last night. We turned down the street where the little pooches chased me the first time. When I saw the small dogs were ahead, I turned early. No problem for them. Not only did they trespass the yard between us, but they had recruited a third small dog to chase me. They were yipping at me and sniffing on Bri. I decided to play a little reverse psychology on the dogs and go after them. Turns out, they are all bark.

photo-2 copy

I thought I figured out that the dog on the right and the dog on the left were my arch nemeses. The middle dog was a tag along.

Fast forward to tonight, I’m going for a run solo. I went down the same street. Now that I knew they were all bark, I thought what the heck? Plus, I like going that way. Well, I first ran by poochie #1 (the brown and white one) and he just looked at me. Hmm! So poochie #1 isn’t the instigator. Next I go by poochie #2 (the weiner dog), he just looks at me. So poochie #2 was definitely just a tag along. At this point, I am thinking that it must be when they are together. I continue on my run and was walking back on the same street about 20-25 minutes later. What do I see? The chihuahua was leaving the little dogs and was sneaking through a yard to head back north. Suddenly it hits me. There was a chihuahua with the big dog and it would have been in the same area that the big dog / small dog duo chased me. Basically, this three pound dog has chased me every single time and is causing trouble for me in the big town of Sentinel. Serious problems I have.

Moving on to the weekend update. They decided to move fields and found dry wheat Saturday afternoon! They ended up cutting about 180 acres or so before it started sprinkling. On the way into town, torrential rains hit with high winds. In town, this camper was rocking. The lights went out a couple times and Briar was not a fan. After an hour or so, we were in the clear. With the rain, Sunday was another rain day.

This morning, we did double church duty. We first went to St. Anne’s in Cordell. We attended this parish last summer and when it was time for visitors to stand up, everyone was basically looking at us. It is a small church. They were a little surprised we were from South Dakota until we explained that we were custom harvesters. Then the priest said, “Wait, we y’all here last year?” and then continued with, “Thanks for the wheat.” After mass, quite a few people had to come look at Briar. They were a cordial bunch last year but there is something about babies that bring the friendly out of people. We got back to Sentinel and let Bri kick around a bit and then it was on to church #2.

Blake has made quite a few friends over the years who attend the First Baptist Church in town. Attending a service is a nice way to be able to see a lot of familiar faces for him – and a few for me, too. At this point, Briar was getting so tired but was fighting sleep. I took her out into the foyer thinking that she would settle down. Nope! We came back in and finally, the last song of the service did her in. Little turkey. After church, we were visiting with some people and the pastor came up to talk to Blake and me. He was wondering if we were new in town and had recognized me from walking with Bri yesterday when his dog had wanted to join us (there are so many dogs in this town – thus far, I have only told you about the fierce ones). Seriously, the year of the dog may not be this year for the Chinese but thus far, it seems to be the harvest of the dog for me.

Hope y’all had a great weekend. 

IMG_9082Saturday afternoon: father-daughter bonding.


Can’t get enough of her!


Taking out supper Saturday evening.


Before we left for our walk Saturday night, my baby was maximum relaxing.


2 responses to “who let the dogs out?

  1. Funny story Darcie. Once again I am enjoying your blog and look forward to the pics!! Nice that daddy and Bri are getting some good hangout time!!

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