rain again

Hello. I hope your Wednesday was great.

The guys were not able to cut yesterday. They did some tests on it and the moisture was about 15 – so a little too high. Granted they were only in one field but the yield was 11 bushels per acre. From the road, the wheat looks beautiful but with the frost, the kernels inside the heads just didn’t develop. It is disappointing because our farmer said they would have had a 50 bushel per acre year.

Last night, Jake, Anna, and Kate wanted to go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant that is between Sentinel and Elk City. Since the guys weren’t able to cut, everyone else joined them. Our farmer, Ron and his daughter Britt and her husband Cade were also there. After supper, we had to run into Elk City to pick up a collapsable high chair. We have a really nice high chair at home but it just takes up way too much space. We don’t have a table in our camper so it was really hard to feed solids to Bri so I slacked for a few days. Oops.I’m glad we picked that up so we can start working that into the new routine, as well as everything else.

Blake and I were watching the weather channel when we got home last night. They were talking about Dr. Tim Samaras, the storm chaser that died in Friday’s El Reno, Oklahoma F5 tornado. Originally thought to be an F3, the tornado spread 2.6 miles wide and had wind speeds up to 295 miles per hour. When the show “Storm Chasers” was on, Blake and I used to watch it every Sunday night. Since it was from the summer before, their coverage areas would often coincide with storms that Blake experienced while on harvest. Blake never experienced extreme severe weather, thankfully, but it would be a hail storm that went with the system. Anyway, it’s really sad, especially since his son also died.

Briar joined me in bed around 6:30 this morning and it started raining hard shortly later. The guys went out to check the fields but it was wide spread and looked like all the fields got a little shower. While Briar was still sleeping, I made some gluten free muffins for Bruce, did some laundry, and picked up the camper. Briar finally woke up at TEN. When she woke up, she was a happy little girl.

We went out to eat with the “concave people” for lunch. Who are the “concave people”? We are running experimental concaves for a company out of Wisconsin. They are going to be with us through the weekend so I’ll tell you about them later. After lunch, Bri and I went for a walk and then she settled down for a nap. I can tell this summer is going to go fast with Briar with us this year. This afternoon, I sat down with Leigh and had a cup of coffee for the first time. I know we have only been here three full days but it does seem like this was the first time to actually sit for a while. Although it’s nice to be home for as long as possible, it is also nice to be here for a few days to get settled before things start getting really crazy. If we were home, Blake would always find something to work on and it had been a crazy May so with limited things he is able to do here, at least he gets a chance to relax a bit.

The guys headed out with the concave people after lunch. They wanted to see a few things on the machines and the guys wanted to test the moisture. Even with the rain, it had gone down to 14. Our farmer wants to put this field in the bin so under 13 is the magical number. We had the concave people over for supper tonight at Bruce and Leigh’s camper. After they left, Blake and I took our somewhat crabby baby back to our camper and tried to get her settled down. My gosh, I hope the last couple of days aren’t a forecast for the summer. Our usually very happy, easy go lucky baby has been a little vocal with disproval. She is an absolute home body and I am hoping that over-stimulation is to blame for the sudden change in mood. Different place to sleep, setting, people, and toys are a few of the changes she has experienced in a short amount of time.

Blake’s friend Ryan stopped over tonight so that was nice to visit with him for a while. Blake has been friends with him for years – different stories from the past tend to be brought up when they get together as well as a quick catch up on things from the past year. After he left, Briar was still up. Sigh. My mom got her this weird little animal ball (Blake thinks it is a cat) that makes noise. Briar just loves it. She has basically started crawling or scooting because she will see it, then try to scoot/crawl to it, then hit it with her hand, and it will move forward…and the whole process starts again. She was already pretty wound up before she saw it and really got wound up after that. I finally got her settled down around eleven. I really hope this is a short lived phased.

The concave people will be here after lunch tomorrow. Once they are here, the guys will head out and test again. There are chances of rain through Saturday and then high 90s and sunny for a few days in a row after that. The concave people are hoping to get what they need from us and then go meet with another crew next week so hopefully the wheat will dry down enough in the next day or two.

IMG_8976Briar last night with that silly animal ball that she loves so much.

IMG_8978Auntie Katie came over last night so say goodbye.

IMG_8982Gluten free things don’t rise really so how you put it in there is basically what you get. Mmm, muffins.

IMG_8983Briar was not a fan of peas to start off but it got better as we went.

IMG_8989Taking selfies after our walk. One of us was walking in the heat and one of us was napping under the canopy. Any guesses? 🙂


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