We made it to Oklahoma late afternoon yesterday (Sunday). Overall, the trip was pretty uneventful which is the way we like it, of course. Here is a recap.

Saturday- we left the farm around 10:15 and stopped in Vermillion to eat lunch. Though it may not seem like it makes sense to stop there since it’s only an hour into the trip, you stop where you can fit. Our convoy was pretty long and with all the road construction, we had to take an unknown path. After we got back on the road, Blake’s clutch kept slipping. I felt really bad for the guys trying to fix it. It was mid-50s and the wind was howling.

Considering we took the detour, we did pretty well. We made it around 390 miles to Osborne, KS. Last year we made it to Russell, which is 45 miles further South. In Osborne, we were able to park at a cafe and a Pizza Hut was right across the road. Poor Bruce – the only thing for him to eat there was salad.

I don’t mean to brag, or maybe I do, but some how Blake and I have been blessed with a great traveler. Briar wasexcited to get out of her car seat but didn’t throw a fit when she had to go back in. I learned quickly that any time we stop, sleeping or not, she has to get out of the car seat. From all the sitting, her butt was looking a little pink and I definitely didn’t want her to get sore (it’s all good now). Back to the point, she did great.

Saturday night we dry camped. This is not my favorite but it is what it is. We only put our bedroom slide out so Bri’s pack-n-play didn’t have room. She slept like a charm between mom and dad. I woke up a couple times and she was basically cuddling her daddy.

Sunday-we got going around 7:20. On the way, we picked up Lloyd. He helped us last summer and it saved quite a few miles to meet us instead of going all the way to Sentinel. He is from Manter (our second stop). The guys had some trouble with their air conditioners but nothing major. We pulled in around 4 pm and by the time we set up the campers and did a few other things, it was time to eat.

We went up to the Red Barn and our group pretty much took over the eating area. Bri’s teeth seemed to be bothering her so as soon as Blake and I were done, we headed back. She had fallen asleep but woke up and got her second wind. She was wound up and we were exhausted so I gave in and she spent night #2 with us.

Today- Bri woke up around 6, had some milk and feel asleep again until around 9. I also slept in. Blake – not so much. I went for a short walk/jog then got myself and Briar ready for a girls’ day. Blake’s sisters Anna and Katie helped move us down and are staying for a couple days. Leigh, the girls, Britt (she is one of our customer’s daughters), Briar, and I headed to the Dove in Elk City. The Dove is a tea room, Christian book store, home decor place and they have great lunch. It was delish.

After lunch, we headed to do our errands. When we finally got back to Sentinel, someone needed a nap. Finally took a cat nap, then we ate, hung out for a while, and finally gave in to sleeping – in her OWN bed this time!

Obviously I gave a very short summary of 4 o’clock today until now but nothing too exciting has started happening yet. Depending on if we get rained on or not, the guys might try a field tomorrow. Briar’s big plans are to play with Jake and Anna’s puppy, Ru. She loves that dog but when she was so tired tonight, it was like a grimace every time the pup was coming for her. She’ll be excited in the morning when she’s all refreshed.

Well it’s already after 11 and I think it’s time for me to join my family and go to sleep!

Blake and I ordered an outside mat and wanted it big enough for Bri to have a play area. Mission accomplished!

This was last night. It may look like she was sleeping but was going 100 miles an hour at 10:45. Checking out her wheels.

Made the Atwood’s stop today. Boots, boots, boots!

I made some No Bake cookies this evening. Briar wanted attention so Blake was on babysitting duty while he napped.


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