later, south dakota

We just left from the farm for Harvest 2013. Due to the poor crop conditions, we are only taking two combines this year. We were able to round up enough help to haul everything we need in one load. For the first time since I’ve been around, Blake and Bruce haven’t had to take multiple trips, which I’m sure they’re not complaining.

Since we were able to round up enough help, I’m also able to ride so if need be, I can sit in the back with Briar. Though she is a great traveler, it is a big two days. We aren’t even to Parker and I already had to hand her something – so needless to say, I’m not complaining that I don’t need to pull my camper (this trip – anyway).

Funny-ish story: there is less than a mile of gravel before you get to pavement when you leave the farm. Blake is leading with a combine and header, then it is as follows: tractor/grain cart, combine/header, denali/enclosed trailer, pickup/camper, pickup/camper, pickup/camper, and truck/grain trailer. So, on an average gravel road, our convoy is pretty much taking up the road. Blake turns left and we see this car very slowly coming. The car puts on its blinker and we think it is going to stop and let us all go (at least the semis with the tractor/ grain cart and combine/header). Nope! Turns right in and has to drive halfway in the ditch so he doesn’t hit us. Maybe he was in a really big hurry…or something?

Well here are couple pics of our morning. Since we’re officially on Harvest, I’ll be posting much more frequently!

Great grandpa Lee and Great grandma Judy had to get some cuddles in before we left this morning. Here we have the first harvester and the newest crew member. Some of our customers are really excited to meet the fourth generation. It may be a part time job getting Briar around to meet everyone. šŸ™‚

The combines and trailers ready to go.


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