my first mother’s day

Ahh! What a nice day! I had a great first Mother’s Day with my two faves – Blake and Bri.

First off, Blake got up with Bri when she woke in the night. Score. When I finally went in to see the little turkey at 630 this morning, this was waiting for me…

Turns out, someone was busy while I was hard core sleeping. The other thing waiting for me…

…which of course, is my favorite.
The rest of the day, we went to early church, did a Target run, grabbed coffee, ate breakfast at home, and then got working on our yard. After getting quite a bit done, we took some yard waste out to dump at the farm and visit Blake’s mom and grandma and other family that was there.

After being out for a couple hours, we came home, did some more yard work, ordered pizza, and finally relaxed a bit. Briar was being hilarious rolling around and tearing into paper while we watched The Voice.

My mom got down here around 930 tonight as we are going to head to Vermillion tomorrow to help Tess move. Other than that, nothing is in stone on the agenda for Briar and me tomorrow, though we have plenty of things we could do.

Here is a picture of me with my little.


This was taken about six weeks ago but is fitting for today.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom/grandma! We love you!

Hope your Sunday was just as great as mine!


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