the adventures continue

It’s Tuesday, meaning we have been up in “God’s Country” for over a week. I like to call northeast South Dakota God’s Country, which after about five years of listening to me refer it to that, Blake has given up on changing my thinking. For one, the soil is black. We’re in the Ag business so of course that’s a good thing. Secondly, there are lakes here. Prior to me being a harvester’s wife, I really loved the lake. The third reason, among countless more, this is where I’m from so that’s got its own claim to fame. Kidding.

Anyway, we are on a new adventure in God’s Country. For the first time, Blake is combining somewhere other than southeast South Dakota in the fall. Since we were getting through the crop in record time, we found a job up here through my parents. They told us about this job and we decided to try it out. So far, so good.

The guy we are cutting for has a farm manager plus some other hired help so they wanted to do all the hauling. Since we were finishing up down there plus hauling off the pile and now also doing some tendering for fertilizer, we’ve kind of used our trucking resources. We did bring Al with us to run grain cart and he is staying in the bunkhouse in the big town if Henry. The crop is much better up here than by Sioux Falls, not due to getting much more rain but starting the season with much better sub soil moisture. Most corn fields are making 150-160 or better.

I got a case of the stomach flu last night. Or something that made me throw up quite fiercely. Yuck. I slept really good though but had another episode this morning. I don’t feel terrible other than my stomach cramping and having a headache so that’s why I’m not sure if it is the flu or what. I will say I don’t think Blube likes it when I throw up because it gets in some high kicks and side jabs when I get done. Not pleasant. Regardless, Blake and Al were on their own for lunch and supper. I talked to Blake a bit ago and they had a breakdown so they’ll likely be home earlier than normal.

We probably have at least a week up here left. The timing couldn’t have been much better with my brother and his now wife Amber getting married this past weekend. It was nice to be able to be around for the festivities without taking too much time away from harvest.

It has been a crazy fall for us after a crazy summer. I think we are getting ready to not be in the combine anymore for a few months anyway. (Yeah, I know, Blake is the one in the combine but I’m ready for him not bring in the combine.) Although the harvest will be finished early, it has been high intensity since it got started. I think we’ll be ready for a little break before the babe debuts.

I’m heading down to Sioux Falls tomorrow for a baby appointment. Since I’m approaching 35 weeks, they are becoming more important or I would probably try to reschedule for next week sometime.

That’s all the randomness I got for now. Hope everyone is having a good week.







Right row heads look so little when we typically run 12 row. This is a chopping head we rented, hence the 8 row and not the bigger one.


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