the house, blube, and combining

Hello. How was your weekend? Mine was good – I had gone up to my parents’ Thursday thru Saturday morning. It was another quick trip but it was fairly productive. When I left, I forgot half my things so hopefully I’ll be getting my toothbrush (electric), phone charger, and some curtains soon. Never fear, the teeth have been brushed since then.

On the way home Saturday, I stopped and had coffee with a friend at Starbuck’s in Watertown. Karla is about nine months pregnant so it could very well be the last time I see her without her baby for a while – she is due this upcoming Sunday! She and her husband also didn’t find out that they were having so we are in the same boat.

When I got back Saturday, I enlisted the help of Blake’s sister, Anna. Anna and her husband moved to Tea this summer and it is a little embarrassing but we’ve hardly seen them. Jake just started his first year of teaching and coaching so they have been busy getting their new schedules figured out and we’ve been busy as well. Anyway, Anna had come over to help me move a few things so I could put most of our bedroom together. I got through all our clothes and did just a little decorating. I have a few more things planned but this works for now. It’s nice having all of our clothes together, it makes getting ready much easier.


Like I said, we have a few more things to do such as make an old door into the headboard, get the mirror for the short dresser, hang the window, and I’m making some signs for the back wall but it’s definitely improved. Also, these wood blinds we put up really keep out the light. Sunday morning, Blake slept just past nine. This never happens.

Sunday, we went to church, picked up some groceries, and headed to the farm. While out there, Blake helped his friend Kevin work on his pickup, I hung out with the in-laws, and then we watched the rest of the Vikes’ game. I can’t believe they won?! When we got home, I made soup and Blake hun out for a bit. The trade off for helping Kevin was that Kevin would help Blake move furniture so he came over and he got our upstairs living room moved to the basement family room. We have people coming on Friday to fix the tape job where the house settled and then will be back Monday to start painting. Since we weren’t going to have this furniture upstairs we wanted it moved before they came so there was less for them to work around. I think we are going to like it!

We still need blinds and trim but have decided to put off trim for a while – probably after combining. With only having Sundays, it’s a big project to get done and this is great for now. After all, it doesn’t smell like animals so that’s much improved!

We had our ultrasound yesterday and one kidney still has a little fluid on it but no longer concerned about the pyelectasis and the baby is back to being classified as “normal” – well, as normal as a child of Blake and mine can be. We’ve talked about how embarrassed our kids will be of us. We didn’t get to see any cute new pics, which is fine. I’m not sure if this is because we didn’t want to know the gender so they never had it in the high def mode. We did find out it is 4 lbs. 0 oz. right now putting it in the 47th percentile.

Blake is combining away – cruising over corn and some beans. This weekend, he thought they had gotten around 1000 done in the first week. They typically cut 5000-6000 acres for fall harvest so if they keep pace, we will be done in 5-6 weeks. Whatttt??? I took lunch out yesterday and will start going to the farm a couple days a week beginning next week. I need to wrap up a few things before they come to start the work on our house. Forecast is rain tomorrow so I’m sure the mister will go late trying to finish what he can tonight.

Have a great day!


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