we have CARPET!

It’s 9:26 am and guess what, we now have carpet in our house! Exclamation point x infinity. They say it is the little things in life and I agree. Granted, it sounds like I’m spoiled getting new flooring in over half of the house – and I am – but it was necessary due to the pet urine, dander, and smell. Our house smells soooo clean now with the old flooring out, the ducts professionally cleaned, fresh paint in the basement, and some serious deep cleaning. Side note, when the carpet guy was here yesterday, he had finished up the upstairs bedrooms and was working in the basement. I wanted to see if it was nice to lay on so I did and passed out for over an hour. No pillow. No blanket. Lots of racket from the basement. Needless to say, it’s pretty nice. Blake, the narcoleptic, thought I was such a weirdo for falling asleep like that. Of course, I blamed it on the baby – and our crazy schedule as of late.

Here’s some pictures!

Blube’s room before. This was the only carpet we kept in the house over the summer. It wasn’t terrible but with all the pet hair going through the ducts, we decided to change it out since the rest of the house was getting new carpet.

I decided I liked the color of the bedroom so we left that and painted the ceiling the other day. Now that our bed will be going in our bedroom, it will be nice to start putting the little guy or gal’s room together.

Our bedroom before. Note the curtains.

Bedroom again-after carpet was ripped out and sealant put down. Pee stains = not cool.

Much improved – check out the wood blinds. Love them! You can see them better in the picture of Blube’s room.

Another view.

Stairs before.

Stairs after. So much nicer than plywood. We’ll have to start taking off our shoes now.

Also, there’s the whole basement yet but I need to get some productivity in my morning. I’m heading up to help my mama organize her basement. She changed positions at work so has Fridays off now so I’ll head up this afternoon and head back tomorrow night or early Saturday. I’ve been going up there quite a bit lately but that will slow down after this trip. I’ll get some pictures of their new, beautiful home. I love it!

Also, I hired our foyer, living room, and kitchen to be painted yesterday. They go to the same church as blake’s parents so we know them and they do a great job. With Blake starting combining, needed tape work repaired from the house settling, vaulted ceilings, a split-level foyer, me being seven months pregnant, it just didn’t seem reasonable to get that job done in any timely manner. The project should start a week from tomorrow so we’ll be really close to wrapping up our must-do projects before that little baby makes its debut!

Have a great day! Oh, the baby just started going nuts so I think it must want to say hello.


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