north of town: check!

We finished to the north! This is very exciting because from here on out, we’ll actually be one crew again – for the two days we have left of cutting. Bruce was unable to cut south because the fields down there had gotten a little shower right after lunch. So he and Arlen headed north to help those guys finish up. We are thankful we will all be together since we will be losing two (grandpa and Arlen) tomorrow, making the crew four plus Leigh and me.

Leigh and I made a new friend this week. There are a couple permanent trailer houses in the trailer park that we are at. To the south of where we are parked is Chloe, who is a spry little 89 year old. The other day we took her a meal and some goodies and had a good conversation with her. I saw her outside last night and she was wondering if we could stop today for coffee. So, when we headed over after lunch and dishes today, she had angel food cake made for us. It was delicious and good to visit with her.

They were able to get moved to town with the trucks, one combine, and the graincart. We decided to go uptown to have steak dinners since the guys have been putting in such late nights.

We got back to the camper around 9:30. For Blake to be showered and in the camper by 9:30 has been a little unheard of in Montana. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for all the cutting we have done here but it is nice to see my husband. Well we are just watching the Olympics now so I’m signing off. Hope everyone had a good Saturday.


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