it’s a small world

I had my appointment today to check up on the baby. When I first got there, the people at the desk told me they don’t do prental checkups. Really? Because i called monday. Once they talked to the Physician’s Assistant, she said it was fine. They don’t normally do them but they can do them.

My measurements are spot on, fetal heart rate was 180 (which is high but still normal), and my labs were good, blood pressure great, and my weight was depressing. So, it was pretty much what I expected. Overall, it was a good appointment though.

When the PA came in, she first introduced herself and then asked where we were from. I told her Sioux Falls. She said, “Oh, South Dakota. I’m originally from Philip.” So as all South Dakotans do, I told her how my cousin married a girl from Philip. And of course, she asked me the name and in true South Dakota fashion, she said, “Oh, I was a Parsons. She is my cousin’s daughter.” So, that’s my small town story for the day: my cousin’s wife’s dad’s second cousin was my practitioner for the day.

In combining news, we got sprinkled on and it is only 79 degrees right now. I believe Bruce is curing away to the south and the crew is sitting to the north. Hope the sun shines and all three machines can be rolling.

Happy Friday!


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