being a real pile

I’ll cut to the chase. I think everyone knows my husband is a real workaholic and it’s obvious, I’m not. I wouldn’t classify myself as lazy but his workaholic status is up there with my dad’s. That being said, he spent his day working away and I spent my afternoon in a coma-like nap. Let me tell you, it was amazing. I’m not sure why I was so tired today but I was. I’ll blame it on the baby?

Earlier today, it was overcast and not looking real promising. Though both groups got sprinkled on, they were both able to cut relatively early and should have a good day overall. It was a little tough this morning so the pace may have been slowed a bit but thankful to be cutting nonetheless.

Here’s the estimated time table… Blake should be on Bogars’ last field and is cutting the 600 acre piece with their one combine. The spring wheat further north seems to be making better than the fields to the south so as a safe estimate, he should finish them up on Thursday afternoon and get moved to either the 320 or 700 acre piece (depending on which one the farmer decides to have us cut). If we cut the 700 acre piece, I would think that would be done Monday.

To the south, they may be able to finish Dick tonight but we’ll say tomorrow to be safe. They’ll move to Arnie’s peas and should finish those Thursday night. Then they’ll move to Nancy’s spring wheat and cut her out and finish up with Merlin either by Saturday night or Sunday sometime. There is a 50/50 chance that Blake will correct my time estimates when he reads this. Please note that I have called them estimates. 🙂

So, as you can see, we are winding down which is good because we’ll soon be thinning out. No not me but the members of our crew. Lloyd will be leaving on Thursday and the retired guys will be potentially heading back Sunday. I think one is for sure going and am thinking the others are probably ready as well. The fair is a fun time for them so if they want to head back, it is no big deal and we do appreciate them coming up to help immensely.

Well that’s all I got. Since I was pretty pathetic this afternoon, I should maybe get busy for a couple hours. I am going to start cleaning my camper well. The more I get done now, the less I’ll have to do when we get back and it will be nice if it is pretty much ready to be winterized.


2 responses to “being a real pile

  1. Is the reference to the “fair” the famous Turner County Fair – the Four Best Days of Summer?

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