rolling in the wheat

We are really rolling now (not in the deep but in the wheat). We finished not one but two farmers today, both before supper even. The two guys we finished happen to be two of our biggest customers up here so it feels good to cross them off our to-do list. Of course I have an actual list, it’s on the fridge in case you were curious.

Since they both got done (Blake finished Dave and Bruce finished Jack) at a decent time, they were able to get moved and start cutting on the next customers. Blake is now back up to Vida to help Bogars with some spring wheat and the south crew is over on Dick’s. This would have been the last customer we had left to the north but Blake got a call yesterday inquiring about us cutting either a 320 or 700 acre piece, depending on when we got there and it sounds like we’ll be going to that after Bogars.

Although we’ll need to be getting home soon to prepare for fall harvest, we aren’t going to turn down jobs yet. However, if we don’t have anything lined up when this job is done, I doubt we’ll wait around to see if anyone calls. We’ve now been gone 12 weeks yesterday and that is a typical run.

We are very, very thankful for the amount of acres we have had in Circle this season. We had heard rumors that there wasn’t going to be anything here this year so this is definitely a blessing to not only have our regular jobs but then to get extra work as well.

One thing about cutting a couple hundred acres here or there for people is that they’ll typically think of you when they want more cut in subsequent years. Blake has stayed up here to cut pretty late (around September 10th) the past two years to help with some smaller jobs. This year, those farmers have wanted more custom cut and they asked us first. Because of his perfectionist nature when it comes to cutting (curtesy of his dad and grandpa), people tend to appreciate the job he does and are comfortable having us do larger jobs for them.

Changing gears, since I heard we picked up more acres, I broke down. I finally made an appointment for a prenatal checkup. It will be about six weeks since my last appointment so it will be good to comply with my doctor’s request. She’s been really understanding of this lifestyle of ours thus far and has been easy to work with so I’ll just have this appointment. Plus, I have a lab coming up for my 28 week glucose screening so I’ll go to my appointment and just ask if I can call a couple days before hand if I need to get it done up here.

I know I keep talking about him or her but I’m already a little obsessed with the little guy or gal. It moves almost nonstop but when it moves after resting a while, I have caught myself asking how its nap was. Not sure if this is normal or due to the lack of social interaction I’ve been getting. I haven’t gotten any responses from him or her so at least I’m not completely nuts. No? Blake is still super excited and has been really good about helping me when he can.

I have also decided I’m sticking it out until the end. Though Blake thinks we’ll be finishing up next week, if not, that’ll be fine. The house will be fine. The baby’s room will be fine. If I head home a week early, it’s not going to make much of an overall difference. Plus, when Blake and I work together, we can really get shtuff done when need be. After all, we did close on a house, clean the house, get our stuff moved (thanks family and friends), clean our old place, rip out carpet upstairs, remove all flooring from the basement, get the house relatively organized, get last minute things done on the machinery for harvest, pack for harvest, and leave for the summer all in about eight days time. Point being, I’ve come to terms with what we have to do and though I’m anxious to get at those things, it will all get done and all be fine.

I think we might go to the MALL when we take Lloyd to the airport in Bismarck on Thursday. I don’t even really care for shopping and find it somewhat gross when people have too much stuff. But here I am, excited to maybe go to the mall nonetheless. My t-shirts are getting short so even if I can get a couple shirts where I don’t feel like my belly is going to pop out, that’ll be good.

Well, gotta go. I’m watching the Olympics and have already made this post a little long winded. Hope everyone survived Monday and has a great rest of the week.


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