drum roll…we are cutting again!

Good news! We are cutting again and both groups got going just after lunch. Blake finished up that 800 acre piece – finally. I say finally because we only had 80 acres or so left on it but then we got rain and it was chilly up here for a couple days. Not good for ripening wheat but it felt amazing! It was the coolest it has been all summer. I know that if we were home, we would be in the same boat but regardless, it felt great.

Blake just moved back to Cow Creek and got going cutting wheat back there. He had cut essentially in the same location but he was cutting peas at the time. Leigh and I went to help him get moved so he could keep rolling. The field is 32 miles from town so I think they’ll be getting one sandwich meal a day for a while. To take two meals out would be putting on 128 miles on that vehicle alone. Plus, Leigh heads in the opposite direction and we have a service pickup headed in both directions each day. (This is the kind of rationalization I use to decide it’s okay if they get a few meals of sandwiches for the next week.)

We should really be getting down there for acres in a week. And we need to get wrapping up before all of our help leaves us. Lloyd is flying from Bismarck Thursday. Then Sunday, we may be losing three of the retired guys. They all want to get back for the fair and that starts a week from tomorrow. We will be wrapping up with our big customers mid week so that in itself will be a big relief.

I’m almost six months pregnant. It’s a serious pet peeve of mine when pregnant ladies call four weeks a month and I know it’s really dumb but you’re pregnant for nine months, not ten. Don’t make it sound worse than it already is. Plus, there are not 13 months in a year. Ahhh. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I wish I could blame my irritability on hormones but it is important to be honest with yourself. Back to the point, I’m getting huge now. This baby is a mover and shaker – and I love it when its being a busy body in there… For now. Can’t believe we only have a little more than three months left. They will definitely be a busy three months at that!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Sunday and that you all were able to catch a little rain this weekend. Can’t wait to see your faces soon!


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