rainy morning

It was sprinkling yesterday morning but Blake and Dick headed north and the rest headed south. It sprinkled a bit to the north but the moisture of the wheat was low enough to cut. It was extremely tough though so everyone came back in to eat, meaning we didn’t need to haul the meal. After lunch, we had nap time over here – and not just Blube and I. Blake also got a little snooze which was good with the long days he’s been keeping, and the long streak of working days.

Early afternoon, the crews headed back out. Leigh and I headed over to Glendive since we needed a few things to get us through until we get back home. We stopped at Big K, a couple cute shops, got groceries and gosh, the time got away from us. I had decided to pick up fried chicken for Blake and Dick and as we were checking out, it was 6:30. Oops! It was about 7:30 when supper got out to them but it was fine.

I had a hard time sending sandwiches when they have only been 9 miles from town and I know they are headed further north. Nine miles is a baby haul but after they finish up this field this afternoon, they’ll be headed back to Cow Creek, making it about 32 miles from town. There are only about 100 acres left of that 800 acre field, which would have been finished last night if we didn’t have the rain delay. I am going to take out lunch and probably hang out until it is finished to help the guys move. I’ll take sandwiches with me for supper, this way it doesn’t matter if I don’t get back to town until four or five, or even later.

Though it works out fine to have one combine with one truck driver, it does make it a little difficult for them to move without help. At the field is the combine, two trucks, and the service pickup. With help, this will save them a trip and more importantly, time.

As for the south news, Blake thought previously that they should finish Jack on Friday. With the rain, they should wrap things up on Saturday I would think. Blake thinks we’ll be getting down there acres-wise in a week from now. I told him that I was leaving two weeks from this Friday (August 17th) and to be honest, I am not sure if I was joking or not. He says we’ll be done by then but this isn’t my first rodeo. Though it is my first time on tour, many of times I have heard, “We’ll be finished in three days.” Two days later, I would get a phone call, “Well, so and so wants us to cut another 500 acres so it might be a few more days.”

If he wants to stay up here and cut for a while, I don’t care. I am used to being apart for the whole summer so a week or two doesn’t bother me. I want to get back so I can see Tess (the little sister) before she heads back to school. And of course, having NOTHING done on my house is becoming a bit of a thought obsession.

Speaking of houses, my mom and dad got their house delivered on Tuesday. I’m excited for them! Blake even said that it will be weird for him when we go up there to not stay at the old house but it will be good. Even though, Blake is not sure why I called a room in the basement, citing that he likes to drink coffee in the morning. I reminded him that he can walk up the stairs. The first time I took Blake to my parents, I came down the stairs and he was drinking coffee with my dad and they were looking at the green sheets together. I knew at that moment, it was trouble. Coffee time apparently is more on Blake’s level of important things to consider than, oh I don’t know, the baby having a quiet place to sleep and take naps when everyone is home. Slight oversight.

Back to harvest, our crew has changed once again. Grandpa Lee came out to help finish us up. Harvest is his happy place and given the similarities in the two, I’m pretty sure I know what to expect Blake to be like in 40-50 years. He is going to be staying with us while he is here so our back bedroom has really gotten good use this summer: Kate, Jake, Nash, and now grandpa have all stayed in there.

Well, I think it’s time to make a little dessert for the day. I wouldn’t want these guys to go through the day without a treat. Oh, and I think Blube would like some as well.


2 responses to “rainy morning

  1. This post made me chuckle šŸ™‚ Your dad and Blake reading the green sheets! haha
    It was meant to be!

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