decent day

We had a decent cutting day today. Blake thought we got about 270 acres cut with the two combines up there. They were able to cut right after lunch. The south crew (pretty slim as a two man crew – Bruce & Jake) weren’t able to get cutting until 6 pm or so.

So here’s the plan (I think) for north of town: finish winter wheat with Bogars, move over to Dave’s to cut peas, cut winter wheat for Haines (sp?), then combine #2 will head back south and Blake will head back to Bogars to help with spring wheat.

As for the south, I’m not sure of the plan of attack. We still have wheat left for four customers down there. It will be good to start knocking out some of these jobs so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Speaking of overwhelming, our revolving door of help is still a little crazy. I feel like we have to recount everyday how many people we are feeding. We’ve got two more coming Friday for preparation of Steve leaving Saturday and Jake leaving Tuesday. Arlen and Al will be back with us, Al helped us from Sentinel until Manter and Arlen helped from Manter to Chadron so we are grateful for their willingness to help us out again. (I think they also enjoy it.)

It is another late night and I’m ready for bed!


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