sunday: the day of rest

Heyo – how was your Sunday? Mine was super low key and filled with nothingness. I sent Blake a sandwich for lunch since I went to church and mass didn’t start until 11 mountain (noon our time so it didn’t get done until 1 pm). Blake didn’t leave for the field until about ten this morning since he had to wait to get fuel. It probably worked out better for him to have a sandwich so he didn’t need to stop for lunch as soon as he got rolling.

I was going to take out supper but he told me not to because he was going to come in early. There is a big celebration in Vida tonight for a wedding so Bogars quit early. Instead of coming in early, Blake decided to do some combine maintenance and didn’t get in until 10:15. I felt a little guilty about him not getting food until late. Then again, I had offered to take him supper and have made him Nina’s Dessert and pecan tassies this weekend (two of his faves) so I’m over it already.

Blake got about 115 acres cut today and I’m not sure how they did to the south. They did run into some green so it sounds like they’ll be moving to the next customer tomorrow. Have a great week!


One response to “sunday: the day of rest

  1. hope you all have a great week as well. We are hoping to get a little rain here, seems to be a dry spot in NE SD and we are in it!! Things are still holding on though and we are thankful for that!!

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