july 21

I can tell that Blake has been putting in some long days. Tonight, I had to argue with him that today was Saturday and not Friday. I get my days a little screwy as well but I talk to more people than he does and weekend plans come up in the conversation. Tuesday or Wednesday are a little more confusing for me. That being said, it is almost midnight and I still haven’t heard from him saying he is on his way yet so another long day in the books. (As soon as I typed that, I got the call.)

Blake cut solo today but didn’t get going until about two. They had a little rain shower north of town last night plus he had to get moved. He then had a breakdown so overall, not a real successful day. The south crew had a a much better day getting acres cut. It sounded like they had 400 done around supper, so should have finished the day with 500 or so.

Blake said that Bogars’ combine is the JD version of ours, basically the same thing.

Williston was supposed to be getting a storm.

Lentils are real short.

Another angle of the lentils.

There are bins everywhere.


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