montana happenings

Hi, remember me? Yeah, so I’ll cut to the chase. I have no legitimate reason for being absent the past week. I was out of rhythm after vacation (not just blogging but being an asset of any kind to Blake), then we sat more, I basically had no material, and once we did start having things going on, I procrastinated.

I’ve also been a bit obsessed with Blube (pronounced Bloob). S/he has been really getting nuts these past two weeks. I went from not being sure if I felt the baby to being able to feel it move with my hand and now, you can see it doing its flips and kicks. While typing the first paragraph, I stopped writing a few times trying to get the tricks on video. After a few attempts, I finally caught it moving. (Mom, check your email). I’m definitely noticing my growing belly as well. Getting up off the floor or even getting out of bed is getting to be more work. We are approaching 24 weeks and it really has gone fast.

So, back to the happenings around these parts. We are back in the field and have a ton of work here. We cut 140 acres of field peas Friday. We took two combines south of town for our farmers down there and left a combine in town for Blake to take north of town when needed.



This basically tells the story of lunch time.

The field peas. They use field peas to ship to Asia. If they don’t make good enough grade, then it’s used for animal food.

Blake climbed in the graincart to grab a sample for us to take in to the elevator to check the moisture.

Saturday was pretty low key but things got real interesting on Sunday. We started off with making a good breakfast. Then we watched a movie. Then, Blake got his first wife-given haircut.

If anyone knows Blake, you know he’s a little obsessed with haircuts. Although, I don’t think he’ll stop getting haircuts every three weeks from a professional, the mop looks much better than it did.

We got ready for church and were impressed with our accomplishments pre-noon. After church, we debated going to Medora but decided not to. Blake got a call saying he could start cutting north of town Monday so it was good we stayed. They took the combine up there to unload so it would be ready to go.

Monday, Blake started cutting with Bogars. They have a combine and grain cart so he’s been cutting with them. Up here, they typically can’t start cutting as early as other places. In the past three days, Blake has gotten about 400 acres cut. South of town, they have had some trouble with the graincart and they have had to cut peas instead of wheat, which are slower going. I’m not sure how much the other crew has gotten done. This is one of our biggest stops for acres so I’m not sure how many we will end up doing.

However as I find out, I promise to try to keep you posted. Oh, and Blake wants to know why you jokers never leave us any comments. I’ll do my part if you do yours. 🙂


5 responses to “montana happenings

  1. Hey Guys! I read all of the posts, however I always forget to comment 🙂
    Darc, hope you are feeling good and everything is going smoothly.
    Blake, your haircut looks nice!
    We must plan a weekend when you guys get back home so we can all get together!

  2. It’s about time you updated your blog…I forgot you even had one! 😉 (Blake- how was that for a comment?!)

  3. I didn’t know one was supposed to leave comments……

  4. tara – thank you, and yes
    sarah – very clever, but cheesy..just my style
    rick – then why would they have a “comments” section?…you’re better then that rick

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