we’re the three best friends…

Hola! So I just got back from vacation for more relaxation. Makes sense right? Not really but I don’t determine this, weather pattern and wheat ripening does. Regardless, Blake and I (and Blube) had fun today.

First we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. This will satisfy us until we get back – whenever that may be. After that, we had to pick up a few things so we made a couple stops and then met the other part of the crew for some mini golf.

Playing some mini golf at Pirate’s Cove.

Nash decided to go trudging through the waterfall to get the balls that had gone in there. This should not surprise anyone!

Blake beat me by one. This was the low of my day. (Not actually but of course I preferred to beat him!)

After mini golf (and dairy queen), we took the scenic route back to Belle and went through Spearfish Canyon. We drove through Deadwood and ended up going right by Big & Rich’s new casino.

We made a pit stop in Lead to look
at the Homestake Mine. The variation in rock color was not from the mining but is natural.

Blake just loves when I make him take pictures by things. It will be better next year when he’ll have Blube in them with him.

Then we went to Spearfish Canyon.








The highlight of the day was probably when Blake felt the baby move. He was really excited so that was fun. He was surprised it felt more like a twitch and not like a jab. I reassured him the jabs were coming. As I was writing this, I had him come over because it was going nuts. It seems to be pretty active all the sudden. Oh boy! Or girl?!


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