back with the crew

I planned to post pictures from my home-cation yesterday but after going from Henry to Tea to Belle Fourche, I was ready to just hang out with my husband last night. The trip was uneventful and I made good time so that was good. After showing off Baby K’s second photo shoot, we went for a walk, Blake played some bocce ball, and we went and gabbed some Dairy Queen. We are heading to do some touring of the Hills today… not sure where we will end up. I also don’t know when we are making the trip to Big Sky Country yet, I’m guessing in the next couple days.

Here is the home-cation recap for pictures:

Here’s Blube! His/her right hand is rubbing the right eye. Blube was basically in a ball during the ultrasound. Even if we wanted to find out the sex, Blubers was not going to reveal its gender so good thing we want a surprise. We have to have another ultrasound September 10th so Blake will be able to come to that one with me.

Sarah wanted to stop at The Falls and per usual, she started entertaining me.

Tuesday evening, we went to the lake.

Ahh, lake living.

My parents and Julie.

Kranzburg is the classiest place to be on the Fourth of July. We love their parade, since we are classy people and all.

My older sister Sarah, my brother’s fiancé Amber, brother Paul, me (and Blube), and little sister Tess. Just missing Blake!

With my original sisters – with Blake having three sisters and my brother getting married, I’ve really grown in the sister department lately.

On Thursday, we went through our bedroom and found a few gems. These were the pre-Tess years.

I texted Blake this pic and said we could have a real chunker. He didn’t know who it was. It is not my fault I was born a little chubby and a little grumpy.

My mom and we girls went to look at their house progress Friday. The kitchen is looking good – as is the rest of the house. I’m anxious to see it all done!

That’s the gist of my week. I’m glad the drive is behind me and I have a little break before heading to Circle. Just the trip to Circle, cutting up there, and the long trip home and my first summer on the road will be done…only 28 summers behind Blake.


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