six months flies by

Six months goes quickly, especially when you’ve got things going on. Happy six months of marriage to my wonderful husband! Since our wedding, we went to Mexico with Blake’s family, went with my parents to visit Sarah in Texas, found out we were having a baby while down in Galveston, was super awkward the rest of the trip, went to Cleveland for Michael & Brynn’s wedding, pretend drank because I was not anywhere near telling people I was preggo, ended up telling a couple people-including a bridesmaid I just met, got hit with morning sickness on the way home frim Cleveland, told our parents the news with strict instructions, told the rest of our fams with similarly strict instructions, celebrated Laura & Nash’s wedding, closed on our first house, moved into our house, lived there for a week, left on harvest, and are now on our fifth stop of harvest. Deep breath.

I think 2012 is going to be the craziest yet happiest and most blessed year of our lives to date. I’m so glad I have you to make this life so sweet.

We got married December 30, 2011.

Then we went to Mexico for a week at the end of January-beginning February.

We were staying at this condo when we found out Baby K would be making an appearance.

Having a blast at Michael & Brynn’s wedding…one of us sober style.

Laura & Nash’s wedding. Twelve weeks along! The gag order was off the following day once we told the grandparents the news.

Closing on the house! We celebrated by getting breakfast at the drive thru at taco john’s. Blake headed to the farm to work on getting ready for harvest and I had a one lady pet dander cleaning party.

Then we were on harvest! Taking a (hot) day in Oklahoma City.

Happy six months, dear! Six months down and a lot of great months to go! Love you!


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