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Hi! I didn’t forget about the blog. I had been in the middle of blogging Thursday, hit the wrong button, and lost everything. This is the third time I have lost a partially (or mostly) completed blog and I was just way too frustrated to start over. Yesterday, I was just so exhausted and wasn’t sure I’d make sense. It’s been a few crazy days so let’s recap:

Wednesday, June 27

First and foremost, Wednesday was my sissy’s birthday! Per usual, Sarah and I had a rough go when we were younger but turns out, she is now one of my best friends. She is such a hard worker but also a ball of fun. Since Blake cannot make it to my appointment this Monday with me, Sarah will be coming along to see Baby K in all his or her glory. (This is your birthday present, p.s.) Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Sarah!

Back to the harvest trail, Blake, grandpa, and I were going down to Chappell Wednesday morning to bring to Chadron a truck, grain trailers, and Blake’s service pickup. We were going to zip down in the pickup and come back that afternoon. Right before we were taking off, Blake talked to Bruce and it was decided that we would ride down in a semi and bring things up with the rest of our fleet. I started the ride in the front as grandpa had hopped in the back but shortly later ha traded spots with grandpa for nap time. Blake’s sleeper is strangely comfortable. I woke up just minutes from Chappell. Works for me.

Naturally, Tuesday evening, Bruce’s combine had problems. The chopper bearing went out and this too, could have been a major fire. Chappell is not far from Colorado and has not been getting rains either. They are so dry there so if something would start, who knows when it would end. The Pro-Harvest team was supposed to be there early so we were hoping that they would be pretty much finished when we got there. We all rode out with Leigh for lunch and not according to plan, thy were still working in that combine.

Around four, they had one combine, the grain trailers, and the tractor/ grain cart all ready to go. They had to get the bunkhouse buttoned up and then most d us were going to take off leaving Bruce and Leigh behind to settle up, pay some bills, and pick up Bruce’s truck over in Ogallala that needed some work done to it. I told Blake that we either needed to go with the combine and DEF trailer or wait until the next day. Coming into Chadron, there are quite a few hills and the last thing I wanted was to potentially be pulling a combine near dark. We ended up staying in Chappell. This had to have marked about the first time Blake ever had not taking a just-in-case overnight bag and one of the few times he would have used it. Believe me, this annoys him immensely. (Well, until we went over to Cabela’s that is.)

We went over to Sidney to get some oil from the Case dealership, got some things at Cabela’s, and then picked up tooth brushes from Walmart. When we got back to Chappell, the other combine was already loaded. Number three was brought with us to Chadron when we made our initial move up there. We ate at Burgie’s, visited with some friends, and then crashed on Bruce and Leigh’s air mattress. It was midnight or so when we finally got to bed.

Thursday, June 28

We got up Thursday morning and started getting things packed up there. Leigh and I had the fuel bill to pay, we settled up with a customer, and we’re pulling out of Chappell at 8:30 am (our time). 20 miles down the road, pop goes a tire on the bunk house. This is exactly why I didn’t want to leave late on Wednesday. Blake and Bruce got in Leigh’s vehicle and went back to help Lloyd. By the time they got there, Lloyd pretty much had the job done so it didn’t put us back too far. We got to Chadron, set up, and the guys headed out to start cutting. Both Blake and Bruce have had some very big days.

They had taken two combines west of town and got started. They cut for only a short time when Lloyd’s combine had a bearing go out in one of the sensors. (FYI: whoever drives the combine, that’s “their” combine because they always drive the same one. It is easier to keep track of what happens to each machine.) They had to take stuff off and grandpa Lee was the fixing man. Blake continued to cut with one machine, Bruce went to get the other combine, and Lee waited for the Pro-Harvest guys to come. Besides the pain o icing these things, there is the waiting time which is usually the worst. They cut with two machines and got Lloyd’s combine back to working condition. They got in after eleven once again.

Friday, June 29

Yesterday, the guys headed out and things were going good. We took lunch out and the field they were heading to next, you can typically see Devil’s Tower from there. My husband said it’s 200 miles away. With the smoke in the air from the fires, I doubt you would be able to see it.

After feeding the guys, we came in and ate with Judy. Judy came out on Thursday to stay for a couple of days, then she and grandpa Lee will be heading to the black hills. We cleaned up the kitchen and rested for a bit. Leigh, Judy, and I decided to go up to the coffee shop. We got there and I got the call, the guys had run into green and I had locked Blake out. I brought the keys back, even though he ended up helping his grandpa get the electrical all figured out in his amped while we were gone. I headed back to the coffee shop and fell in love with a table there. I think I found a table to replicate for our dining room. Bruce is quite the wood craftsman and can whip up a table in no time. I hope that now we have a house, Blake also takes on that craft. hint, hint.

We came back to the campground and went out to eat at pizza hut for supper. We were back around 8:30, Blake showered, and basically, it was lights out for that guy, not that I blame him. I was glad they could have an evening to breathe, I think it has been about three weeks since Blake has had an evening off and has been going on 6-6.5 hours of sleep each night.

I had slept in later than what I have been getting up and so I was browsing some home ideas. I am getting excited to tear into that place! Also, earlier in the day, I had TWO cups of coffee. 1:30, I was kind of jittery. I always have to be careful with caffeine because I get really shaky if I have too much. Two cups of coffee would have been typically okay but having given up the little amount of caffeine I drink for the past few months, I guess it was overkill. Sorry, baby!


We are almost caught up on the happenings here. I got up around 6:30 this morning as I want everything taken care of before I leave. Blake is a self-sufficient husband and used to do his own books, laundry, and most groceries before I came along on harvest (I think Leigh helped him in the grocery department). Since he no longer has to do this, I feel guilty leaving him for my week of family and fun. Therefore, books are completely caught up, groceries are restocked, and laundry will be done. Blake is really good about helping out when we are home and will be just fine without me – especially for one week. Regardless, I want to make it as easy as possible at the same time.

After lunch, the crew took two machines and he grain cart east of town to Bernard’s, leaving one back to finish the little bit we have left to the west. They are cutting. Lee and Judy are heading up to the hills and then will go back home in a couple days.

It’s about time to get supper ready so I bet be going. Sorry for the (lack of) blogging but we’ll get back on track here.

Also, I think I can feel Baby K move! Is it? Is it not? Not sure but we’ll go with I think I have. I’m 21 weeks now. I am not going to do a post until after my appointment – I’ll even include updated ultrasound pics. Have a great weekend!


Blake is a handy fella to have around. Fixing a wire that got kinked so the camper’s left side blinker would work. Thanks, dear!
For a while, we were back to one combine and the grain cart.

Lee on top of the combine, he likes to be the fix-it man.

Chadron is our scenic stop.

Lee is always on top of big machinery.

Scenic stop!

These were all east of town.

Here is the table I like. What do you think of it? I like the old farmhouse feel.


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