busy as a, well, harvester

I realized I’ve been gone a bit. It has been crazy busy with full days and short nights (especially for my husband). I think I last blogged Sunday so here’s a recap.

Sunday: the heat was horrible. I mean terrible, awful, miserable, and I could go on. I wasn’t able to go to church because of the time (11:30 our time) and I needed to get out there around then since it was already 100 degrees. This way, at least we still have a little shade when sitting next to the truck or grain cart. When it is hot like that, it seems like it is just hard to eat but regardless, I feel like I should make at least one hot meal a day. Sandwiches get old, real fast.

After lunch, I headed back to the camper and the display on my pickup was 109 degrees. Of course, by my, I mean the one I drive around all summer. Back to the point, it was hot. I believe it got to 111 that day. Saturday was 109 and Sunday felt much more miserable.

I had been taking out sandwiches for the evening meal but Blake wasn’t sure who would all be there or if they would finish the field before supper. Bruce and Arlen (another hired guy from around home who is retired and likes to come out for 3ish week stints) had come down in a truck and we’re going to haul the tractor/grain cart back with that truck and then Arlen would drive back a different truck with two grain trailers. This way, Blake wouldn’t have to head back to Tribune to get anything. They were unable to cut in Chappell so it did work out well.

I ended up taking out pizza that night and found out that Blake had lost his air conditioning in the semi earlier that day. Yuck! When grandpa Lee came to eat, Blake hopped in the combine to try to finish the field and after getting a combine history lesson from Lee, I headed back in. Since Lee wasn’t cutting and they had truck drivers there, I had asked him if he wanted to ride in with me (he has had some extremely long days). With a smirk, he told me that he’s stay out in the field because he would hate to miss anything. Long story short, Blake found a fuel line that had broke with 15 acres left to cut. There was diesel fuel on one whole side of the combine so that was the end of cutting on Sunday. As frustrating as it was (and is having issues like these with new machinery), we are thankful the machine didn’t start on fire-especially considering there is CRP ground right across the field, it is extremely dry, and there had been and continues to be a long stretch of scorching temps.

Needless to say, Blake was exhausted when he got in…as for grandpa, he didn’t miss out on anything.

Monday was about equally as manic. In one of his many trips to the Wallace elevator, Blake had noticed a hydrant right across from the field we were cutting. He had grandpa stop and get a sprayer and garden hose for the unlikely chance that it worked. As luck turned out, it surprisingly did work. After attempting to get permission, he made the judgement that whoever owned it would prefer for him to use a little water rather than have their house burned down (which was also across the road). After the fact, he saw a guy who rented from the owners and the guy said that was completely fine and he would explain the situation. 10 am or so, we had a fixed fuel line, Bruce had taken off with the grain cart, the combine was washed, and we were back to cutting. Blake didn’t want me to bring out anything for lunch because he just wanted to get it done. Around 2 pm, Blake and grandpa had finished the field, loaded the combine, and were on their way back to town.

Blake ate quickly and after getting ready equally as quick, we headed to Manter to settle up. Bruce and Leigh didn’t have time before they had left. After settling up there, we headed back to Tribune to settle up with our farmers there. 10:40 pm we were finally back at the camper. I had been working on paperwork and needed to get things organized so it was movable but Blake went to bed. Once I got the paperwork stowed away, I did some other things to make the early morning pack up a smoother transition. 11:30 was finally bedtime.

5:15 came early this morning. After getting ready, eating breakfast, packing up, we were rolling out of town just after 7 am. Blake had taken the loaded combine to Sharon Springs so after we stopped there, we drove, and drove, and drove. Blake was in the front with the combine and combine header, I was in the middle pulling our camper, and grandpa with his camper was behind me, in case he needed to pick up the pieces. Thankfully, that was not needed. We had a relatively uneventful trip and made it up to Chadron at 4 pm, just in time to enjoy some good, humid 106 degree weather for setting up the campers. When Blake popped in wondering if I wanted to go get ice cream, I was all about it.

When we got back, Blake and grandpa worked on grandpa’s camper breaker and I started cleaning the dust. It was disgusting. I thought about taking pictures but it was just too gross. Kansas is a great place to cut wheat with their flat lands and large fields. However, it is not a great place to park a camper. Now that I got the main stuff, when I have time, I’ll wash all the walls and do that cleaning in here to get it back to cleanly.

We went and ate and another long story short, Blake and grandpa had to move grandpa’s camper when we got back. The lady who runs the park approved of a minor swap (instead of having lots 35 and 36, the crew parked next to us was going to get lots 34 and 35) and when they got here, they said they couldn’t fit their camper into 34 and needed 36 (where grandpa was parked) back. Now, as a rational person I can understand where they are coming from if 34 and 36 were not the exact same length! Sorry if that paragraph was confusing but believe me, it was frustrating. What should have been some relaxation for Blake finally turned into another past 10 pm night. Since he was out there doing that, I worked on paperwork and should be all caught up again. Good feeling.

Well, it is past midnight and we have another big day tomorrow. The three of us are going to Chappell so Blake can bring the grain trailers here, grandpa can bring Blake’s service pickup up, and I can bring my pickup back. It will end up being 6-7 hours of car time. It will be great to have everything we need (in the immediate future) here though! Have a great day!



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