mornings with darc (and blube)

I’ve made no secret that I’m not much of a morning person but when I get out of bed, what do I do? I’m going to document my morning as I go. I’m getting a late start (weird) because I just thought of it so here goes nothing.

It’s safe to say I’m out of bed for sure by eight. In my defense, it’s late nights when we go to bed, I’ve given up naps, and I’m pregnant. In my not so defense, mornings and I have never been friends. Once I get up, I usually watch tv for a bit and then do a few things around the camper. I did a lot of cleaning last night so the camper was looking good this morning so I caught up on blogging. It takes me a lot longer to write it then it does for you to read it. Trust me. (It would help if I was a better writer but you can’t choose your talents, hence, my singing voice.)

I also will dry clothes if need be. Today was a need be. You have to be careful when you choose to run appliances like that. During the heat of the day, not a good idea. It puts a lot of pressure on the camper. The washer is more forgiving and we do have a clothes line. However, we basically are living in a dust pit so I think I’ll pass until we get up to greener lands.

So we are approaching 10:30 and it’s time to start lunch. I always try to have a plan for lunch and supper the night before. That way, I know if a grocery store run is needed. I should have everything for today’s meals.

Here’s how we start:

A couple dishes in the sink but relatively clean.

All picked up.

Then things get more messy already.

Haven’t even started cooking the hamburger and I have a mess.

I keep moving things around trying to find the best place for everything and make them more convenient. Spices are better behind the stove then digging for them in the cupboard.

I’ve been working on my getting prepared skills. I need to make sandwiches for supper tonight since I need to run to Sharon Springs after lunch for DEF-diesel exhaust fluid.

When I need to use my microwave, I sometimes forget that this is in here:

And when I went to put the casserole in the oven-there was a pan in there as well. I’ll get use to is eventually.

It takes forever to set up to start dishes. I don’t know why I ever complained about counter space before!

Sandwich making time.

Cooler packed for lunch.

Then it was packing the sandwiches, plates, cups, etc. I get everything ready to go and put it in the pickup. Last, I take the pan out of the oven, put tin foil on top, wrap it in a towel, place it in the thermal carrier, wrap it in another large towel and away we go.

I also realized that we were limited in the chip category so turns out, I did have to stop at the store. The field we are in was 40 minutes from town and I got there at 12:45 or so. It’s later than what I would have liked but this whole packing and hauling meals is a learning process. When I get frustrated, I just try to remember it is better than sandwiches every day, twice a day that they have to pack themselves.

(The whole blog as I go worked for a little bit. I am finishing this at the case dealership in Sharon Springs, KS as I am waiting for the DEF to pump. It’s 3:10 now.)


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