june 21

Hello. We finished up with our main farmer, Gilbert, today. Blake had about 210 acres to get done and was able to do that with the grain cart and two truck drivers. Grandpa wasn’t here right away this morning as he helped the other part of the crew get moved to Chappell. With all his bouncing around, he’s had a couple really big days.

Tomorrow, we will start on Stan’s. He has some acres north of where Gilbert has his fields so it will end up being close to a 40 minute trip each way. Unfortunately for the guys, this is when sandwich season will begin. It’s a lot of miles to go there and back twice a day. Also, the next few days are going to be horrible. I hope I don’t sound too depressing but seriously check out this forecast. A wind advisory tomorrow and some scorchers after that: yuck!


I have some pictures from today but I think it’s bedtime so I’ll post them in the morning! Also, the crew had gotten set up and were cutting around 1:30 this afternoon. Blake is thinking that when we are done here, there is a really good chance that we will be bypassing Chappell and going straight from here to Chadron. Blake’s parents skipped Tribune. Overall, this year is nuts!


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