father’s day

Hope everyone had a good Father’s Day. Like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, Father’s Day is another working day, weather and ripe wheat provided.

We are definitely glad to be cutting! After not being able to get anything done yesterday, it was good that Blake was able to start cutting around 11 this morning. He should be able to get over 150 acres cut today and should be getting another good day in tomorrow as well with the hot weather we got and will be getting. When cutting with only one combine (the other two combines and grain cart are in Manter with Bruve and Leigh), it is much slower going but 150 acres is a pretty good day regardless for one machine.
It is going to be hot, hot, hot in Tribune!

Our next stop is also going to be ripening with the heat.

Although it was a pretty good cutting day for Blake, it could have been a bit better. Lee actually had to take Blake’s truck down to Manter to trade it out with Bruce’s truck this morning. Bruce’s truck is a little bit bigger and the elevator in Manter was built in the fifties. The space is limited and they were having trouble dumping with Bruce’s truck. In Tribune, they dump in the open so it doesn’t matter the size. Once the trucks were swapped, then they were having trouble with Blake’s trailer while dumping so they had to have Blake’s truck with Bruce’s trailer down there. Since all of this took time, it took a bit for Lee to get back so Gilbert was just driving the short truck so Blake ended up having to wait for a while.

I was late taking lunch out today. I didn’t get out there until a bit before 1pm. I went to church in town and it was at 10:30…mountain. Since we stay on central time regardless of where we are, it didn’t start for me until 11:30. I left right after communion because I needed to get out there with lunch. I got to the pickup and it was 12:05…I found another speed mass!

Tonight, I’m just sitting in the camper flipping through the channels. I’m getting excited to make my trip home. Things have been going really well but days like this, I don’t have much social interaction. I should really embrace this quiet time, I probably won’t be getting much of it for the next 18+ years.

Have a great week!


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