the incredible otter box

Blake and I got set up in Tribune yesterday. After setting up the camper, we went to eat at the Burger Bar before Blake headed up to unload the combine and see if the wheat was dry enough to go. While Blake went up there, I cleaned the camper well. It was time and everything gets in somewhat of an upheaval whenever we move.

Grandpa Lee was a little behind us on the way up. He wasn’t going to come up right away but Lloyd came back to work yesterday. Since they didn’t need Lee as a combine driver, he came up here to drive truck for Blake. Gilbert, our farmer, was going to drive truck until Lee was able to get here.

Blake got cutting around four and grandpa was out there shortly later. The yield was doing pretty well, averaging 40-45 bushels per acre. I was Mrs. Struggles when making supper last night – I realized I didn’t have ketchup or mustard, had to set up our account at the grocery store, blew some fuses in the camper, things just weren’t real smooth. Luckily, neither Blake nor grandpa were that hungry so they were fine with it being late.

When I got everything cleaned up back at the camper, I was sitting there when I thought I had heard a knock at the door. I got up to go answer and realized no one was there. The wind came up so strong that it made a knocking sound and was shaking the camper a little. It was lightning pretty bad to the northwest and our fields are to the northeast. The rain started coming down pretty hard and I figured it was likely that the guys would be coming in soon as well.

Blake was able to get 90 acres before the rain set in. Things must have gotten a little chaotic with shutting down the combine, tarping the truck, getting back to the pickup, because Blake’s phone came off his holster. (There is no way that I would allow him to wear the holster outside of when he is working, FYI.) He came back to the camper phone-less. I was making plans to go get him a new phone in Garden City, since I had to go there to pick up the stove anyway – yay for that coming in. Blake was most worried about losing his phone numbers and therefore, wasn’t tired at 12:30. You know something is up when I am go to bed before him, especially if he’s not even on his way. (You know how I cleaned, this included washing the rugs and floor. He came home pretty muddy so it was pretty useless. Wah wahhhh, he’s just preparing me for kids, I guess. Sad story over.)

Blake and grandpa went crop scouting this morning. I had Blake take my phone so he could get ahold of his dad or whoever else he may need. After a late night and sleeping poorly, I was going to sleep in a while anyway. Blake ended up coming back to the camper at 10:45 or so in a much better mood than when he got back last night. Not only did he locate his phone, but it was working perfectly. It spent the night in the field, right in a pile of mud and water. Blake has an otter box, which is this protective barrier around his iPhone that comes with the holster it fits in. The otter box is kind of dirty but the phone is working without a hitch.

I took a picture of his otter box and phone – Gilbert just happened to call right when I snapped the pic so see, it works!

Blake, grandpa, and I are all on our way to Garden City to pick up the oven. (I’m sitting in the back catching up on blogging.) Blake doesn’t think it will go today but if it does, it won’t be until around supper. We are going to eat, get the stove, and I think I want to stop target. I’m going to want something to wear when I go home in two weeks and as this baby is growing, my options are becoming scarce!

We had a little lake in front of our camper this morning.


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