june 13: mixed reviews

Hello. Today was good except not feeling very well but we’ll get to that in a bit. The rims for Blake’s pickup came in so I made the journey to Garden City, KS to pick those babies up. GC is about 90 miles from Manter so it’s a little bit of a jaunt.

Before I left, I got caught up on laundry. Bruce and Leigh still don’t have a functioning washer or dryer so she was able to use ours at her leisure today. Once I took off, I first made a pit stop in Ulysses, KS. Apparently on top of everything else, the service pickup also now needs new front brakes. This better be it, fo realz this time!

I picked up the rims from Goodyear and then went to Walmart to stock up on a few grocery items, Gatorade, and water. Sometime on my drive to Garden, I started getting somewhat light headed and just felt weird. It was not bad enough to pull over but it got worse when I was in Walmart. I decided to stop at Applebee’s to get some food and to plug in my computer and mifi in so I could finally upload that project I did at the beginning of the summer. I have not had a good enough connection while on harvest to get it uploaded. Highlight of my day: I had 4G speed and finally, my project is complete!

I felt quite a bit better on my way back to Manter but started feeling not so well again when I was a few miles away. I decided not to head out to the field for supper and just rest. I’m thinking the lightheadedness / dizziness is just my body adjusting to more blood in my system or something. I am not surprised as I have gotten HUGE this week. Spoiler alert: my 19 week post will look a lot different compared to 18 weeks.

On the combine front, things are going well. They got going right away this morning and are cutting on a 480 acre piece. The field is yielding an average of 45 bushels per acre and the trucks are able to keep up. They should be finishing up on this field soon and then they will be moving to the next. Word is Chappell might be ready in a week and we still have another whole stop before we go there. A lot of years, they are in Tribune (our next stop) for the Fourth of July so it’s crazy that Chappell could be ready so soon.

Oh and it’s also been ONE MONTH that we’ve been gone. I really am not sure where the time went but we are about one-third done with harvest. With how everything is ripening, who knows when this year’s wheat harvest will wrap up.


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