south of town: check!

Today was another busy day in the harvest books. To begin, we were supposed to have six extra mouths to feed for lunch. Pro-Harvest, the Case combine support team, was coming out with some Case employees from the Grand Island, Nebraska plant. (Yes, that is the combine nursery according to Blake.) They have a program where the plant employees can sign up to come out and ride with different harvesters. The program is aimed to boost morale in the assembly line and for the employees to experience the finished product. We ended up having only four extra people here but with not knowing this, an extra big meal was made.

While at lunch, Blake told me that one of our farmers, Terry, decided he wanted us to cut an extra quarter (160 acres). At that time, they had just finished a field and were at 200 acres cut for the day. After the move, they had two quarters and an 80 to do, totaling 400 more acres left south of town do we were planning on finishing up down there today.

Once again, dishes got done, I did some things around the camper, and before long, it was time to make dinner. When supper was in the oven, the sky was clouding up. We got the call to hold off for a bit shortly before we would be leaving. They didn’t have much left and they wanted to finish the final field south of town before the rain came in.

When they were getting finished with the field, we took one of the guys back out to drive the pickup back (he had left the truck at the campers). It was lightning and began to rain when we got to the field. Luckily, they had just finished the field but still had to take off the headers to move the combines all the way north of town.

The original plan was that they were going to eat out in the field but with the rain and lightning, we hauled the meal back into town. The guys all came in to eat, Leigh and I cleaned up, and there went another day of harvest 2012. It’s almost 10 pm now, Blake is still working on his service pickup and I’m being lazy the rest of the night. Hope everyone has had a great day!

(I have pictures but service has been sketchy today – will try posting tomorrow.)


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