the lot in manter

Once again, I spoke too soon. Dang! Unfortunately, they ran into green again. Basically as soon as I posted that we were going, I got the call. We needed another 100 degree day today but we only got 90 or so. We’re thinking it should go tomorrow.

I had previously said that every stop is a little different in terms of parking the campers (as well as pretty much everything else). In Manter, that is no different. Here, we park between a grove of trees and a shed. One of our old customers had allowed us to park here and though he has since passed away, his family has let us continue set up camp.

Looking north from the road – our camper is to the left, Bruce & Leigh’s camper to the right.

Looking south from our lot.

The bunk house and Grandpa Lee’s campers are parked behind ours. This is looking north from our camper.

And north of those campers is this.

The area between the campers and using our resources for the clothesline.

It’s really quite the clothesline.

Blake’s and my chairs…we don’t use them enough though.

This is the worst part of our little spot in Manter. Poochie (we’re not sure its real name) is always tied up and has been for years. All the times they have parked here, no one has seen poor Poochie off his leash. I personally don’t understand the point in having a dog if it will be constantly tied up. Poor thing.

Here’s the forecast for the week. Hopefully is hot and windy, we have wheat to cut!



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