why i am blogging

The crew went out today and were going to try it. Once they got everything moved and were ready to go, the weather looked like it might start dumping rain on them at any moment. They ended up coming back to the campers fairly early.

At the same time, Leigh and I headed over to Johnson for some groceries and were going to pick up Puffy’s Pizza on the way home. We called after getting groceries to put in our order but it didn’t open until 5 pm and it was only a little after four. We wouldn’t normally pick up food this early but with the weather, we wanted to be back before anything hit. We decided to head back and make something at the campers.

After putting the groceries away and just about to get going on supper, the guys decided they wanted pizza so we were all just going to go to Johnson to eat. Not only does Puffy’s not open until five, they are also not open on Monday. We ended up eating at County Fare, a cafe on Main Street. On our way back to Manter, we noticed the roads were wet. A little rain came through while we were eating so we’ll see how wet everything is tomorrow. To the west, it was pretty dark this evening. We are hoping the fields didn’t get too much!

I had a little project to work on tonight -I am trying to get all my camera memory cards emptied and the pictures organized. In the process, I’ve gone through thousands of pictures, with a good percentage of pictures relating to Tess’s events – sports, prom, graduation, etc. I know she will enjoy having them (especially in the future) and am glad I was able to go to so many of her events. I also found a few other gems in the organizing process.

Open Pheasant Season 2010. It’s such a fun yearly tradition.

Open Pheasant Season 2011, aka, my bachelorette party, night #1. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make a 2012 appearance, as I will be 37 weeks pregnant. Blake thinks no but I have friends to see so I’m not completely opposed.

Then came these goodies: Christmas / New Year’s Eve 2010.

Blake and I hosted an ugly sweater party at my house in December 2010. I’m not sure what we like better – the wrapping paper background or our matching turtle necks.

Then at Christmas came this pic, capturing all of our personalities basically perfectly.

Over NYE, we got snowed in at the farm and it was one of the best new year’s I’ve ever had.

My sister loving on my (at the time) boyfriend. It’s fine. Also, for anyone who was at our wedding, this was the Rite Whussians night and just a little before the tackling of Tim occurred!

Then Blake and I got engaged.

We went to Mexico and Blake nervously popped the question.

He was slightly relieved when that job was over. And by slightly, I really mean very.

Like I said, there were pictures after pictures of Tess’s standout athletic career.

This one is from the 2011 state track meet. Tess was a senior and had an outstanding last high school meet.

For me, pictures trigger some really great memories. The problem with wheat fields is though one field may be plentiful one year and practically barren the next, if I took a picture of those fields, it would not help to differentiate one year or another. Also, Blake will always be able to tell the difference in machinery but to me, combines are combines. So, I guess I needed something more. I had though about journalling but was worried I’d misplace it. I thought about doing a computer document of things that happen but that would be devastating if that was accidentally deleted. So, I decided to blog it. Some things written may seem really minor and slightly painful to read but I am kind of doing it for my own sake – and Blake’s and our (not-so-far-in-the) future kids. And if you want to follow along with us through the good, the bad, and the ugly – I’m always up for company.

To end, this is maybe one of my favorite finds of the night. As our wedding day was approaching, it became pretty obvious that my great grandma probably wasn’t going to be able to see me in my dress – from earth anyway. I came home a couple weeks before and we were able to get a picture together.

And I think it’s a keeper.


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