real campers

For a while last night, I thought we might be real campers. You know, the type that uses their camper for relaxation. We decided to make supper outside with the grill and skillet because it was a scorching 98 degrees yesterday. Since the campers didn’t get a running start with keeping things cool (due to the electrical problems), we didn’t want to heat them back up. We all sat outside and ate in the shade since it was finally starting to cool down. It just reminded me of when my family would stay at Kampeska. Now, if only there was a lake closer than 40 miles away!

Once we were done eating and dishes were drying, the reality of why we are “camping” returned – bring on the paperwork. What do you get when you have a really busy spring, the paperwork got shuffled in the move, and you didn’t have time to sort it all out in your lengthy eight day stay at the new house? A mess. Blake is very particular about pretty much everything and paperwork is not an exception. I’m definitely not complaining but I’m glad we could work on it together because he knew where certain things were. Now that we are caught up, I will start taking over most of the paperwork. I think Blake is pretty excited about his life right now – we’re having a baby, I am along for the whole summer, and now he doesn’t have to do all the paperwork. I think he thinks his life is pretty good – and mine is pretty great too.

I am finishing up a few things this morning. I need to go over to Leigh’s and figure out what we are doing for lunch. The crew headed out around eight to give the wheat a try. Even if it’s too wet, it’s nice to know the moisture levels. That way, they know when they should try it again. I’m going to get back on the combining saddle here. The fields are huge and flat and the wheat is standing up – hello, auto steer. Since they don’t need me right now, I’m not going to go out there when they aren’t sure if it will go. Sometimes they’ll sit for quite a while and it gets way too hot for me. And you know, I can tell the baby doesn’t like the heat either.

Have a great week!

We were kind of looking like some regular campers.

Our office set up for the night.


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