happy memorial day

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Memorial Day. We are thankful for our current service men and women and those who have served before them. Thanks for all you do and the sacrifices you make on a daily basis!

Here, Memorial Day is pretty much like any other day of the week. Most years, the crew would just be getting to Sentinel around this time. This year, we have one job completed. The crew finished up the last field around 4 pm today. Crazy. We basically covered 4000 acres, or 6.25 mile sections, in 10.5-11 days. Blake thought they cut 3000 acres in 12-13 days with the old machines. Overall, I think he is really happy with them. Any time you make a big purchasing decision such as this, it is a relief when you feel good about it when it’s all said and done. Sigh.

On to the next decision – we are trying to figure out if we should head over to the Medford / Blackwell (OK) area to do some extra work. We don’t want to get over there and then be scrambling to get up to Manter (KS). Right now, they don’t think it will be ready until June 10th, which would be plenty of time to move everything there, cut for a while, and get to Manter. If it would be ready earlier, that’s when things get a little wild. Blake and Bruce will be figuring it out in the next day or so, I’m sure.

Blake and I are making the jaunt up to Oklahoma City tomorrow morning. It has been decided that we will buy a stove up there and they have our size in stock that we need (20 inches). We also need a washer and dryer for our house and Sear’s is having a good Memorial Day sale (until Thursday in case you need something). We just want to look at them in person, then we will order a set from the Sioux Falls store and have them delivered to our house. There is a good chance we will make a few other stops as well.

This was one of the last fields we combined here. It used to have an old farm house on it so we did a little iron scan before lunch.

On the move again!

Some of our iron findings. (Bad picture-the sun was so bright today!)

Everything is in town.

After finishing the field, they came in to get two of the pickups so they could take all three headers off and bring the fleet to town. Since we are going to OKC tomorrow, cleaning day will likely be Wednesday.

Part of the Sentinel elevator.

Over supper, it came up that Al had a sliver between his thumb and his first finger that he couldn’t get out. It had been in there for about six weeks. I told him I would get it for him. (Bruce said as long as I can inflict pain on someone, I’ll do it. Not entirely true.) Here we are getting it out. Two minutes, minimal pain, and he says it feels a lot better. See Bruce, I’m not completely evil!

And to end the post, Blake, Kate, and I were all over at Bruce and Leigh’s tonight. Blake headed back a few minutes before me. When I walk in, he tells me that he lost one of the data chips for the combines. I check his shorts he wore earlier, nothing. We check under the chair, nothing. Kate walks in and is wondering what the heck is going on. I told her Blake lost a chip. She thinks we have the chair tilted to the side and are looking under it for a potato chip. Blake responds, yes, it was a barbecued flavored chip. We got a good laugh out of that. Kate joins in on the search. Kate and I are looking all over, Blake is basically just walking around and talking in this weird voice/accent saying, “I know it’s in here somewhere.” We point out how much he would be freaking out if anyone else lost the chip, he continues in character of his weird voice. Five minutes later, I find it – folded between the laptop. He had left it in there and closed it part way so the computer wasn’t obviously open. Kate was like, oh my gosh, I asked you if you looked in the computer. Blake’s response (still in his weird accent): well guys, I knew we would find it eventually and we did.

It’s one of those things where you had to be there to find it funny -or annoying – or maybe a little bit of both. Yes, definitely a little bit of both. Hope you have a great short week!


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