16 weeks

Good morning! I got up this morning to go to church again in Cordell. Blake wasn’t able to go with me today but I’m glad he was able to last week so it was kind of familiar at least. Before I left, we got a few snap shots.

The peanut is growing!

Bump! (Side note: I hit the wrong button making this picture bigger than necessary. Awkward having a larger picture of just myself but it would be quite a bit of work to change it so I’m coping.)

This week, the baby is approximately 4.6 inches and 3.5 oz, roughly the size of an avocado. Like every week, a lot is going on with Baby K – he/she is growing hair including lashes and eyebrows, forming taste buds, starting to hear me, and growing lots of course! Baby K will expand about a half inch this week and will really be packing on the ounces – weighing about 5.9 oz in one week from now.

With being Catholic, the thing about going to church outside your home parish or even your home diocese is you always know what you’re going to get. Overall, you have the same order, the same content, the same responses, etc. but occasionally there are a few exceptions. In Cordell, if planning on taking communion, you use these little tongs to transfer the host from one dish to the next when you walk in – we missed that last week. Also, after communion they don’t clean the plate or chalice, just put it to the side. Very minimal differences, really.

Father Rex also had a joke that would not be funny in our northern accent. The joke was about two brothers who lived on one side of the bayou and Clarence who lived on the other side. Well, Clarence made fun of these brothers, taunting them constantly which upset the brothers. Eventually, a bridge was being built across the bayou and when it was completed, the brothers were going over to teach Clarence a lesson. While crossing the bridge, however, they notices the sign that said, “Clearance 10 feet, 6 inches,” and turned around because they didn’t realize he was so big. Of course, reading this, I’m sure you read clearance like CLEAR-ance but down here it’s pronounced CLAIRE-ance. (haha.)

St. Anne’s in Cordell. I was going to try to snap a pic after church but there were people outside and I didn’t want to be some creepy lady with South Dakota license plates so I just took a pic off the bulletin.

They really got into Pentecost Sunday – red cupcakes, red pens, and even one of the Eucharistic ministers (who was about 80) dressed in red to match. I would say it was potentially coincidental, but she dressed her husband in red and black as well. They were a couple of old cuties.

Hope you have a great Sunday! Kate said she saw it was supposed to start raining at 3 pm so we may not get a good cutting day in today. Of course, who really knows with this weather!


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