lucking out

Earlier today, I said how the weather can change in no time around these parts. Today was a good example of that. When Leigh and I got to the field for supper tonight, it was hot and windy. By the time we were done eating, it seriously felt like it had cooled down by 10-15 degrees. We checked the radar and a small cell had formed and it was coming right at us. Luckily, it headed north and barely missed us.

We ended up cutting until just before 11 pm (Katie is chauffeuring me back to town as I write this.) Blake thought at best, we got 400 acres cut today. We probably have 800-850 acres left to cut at this stop.

My grandma brought homemade pickles down to me before we left. The baby wasn’t sure she/he wanted to share but in the end made the right decision. Good job, baby. And thanks, grandma!

The storm moving in.

Still thinking it might hit us at this point.

Storm going north.

The green dot was our location. we got lucky and missed it. We were able to finish the field they were working on, move a few miles, and do another 80 acre piece.

One field down, time for a cookie break. I was a little close and we were moving pretty quickly so it’s super blurry.

It is hard to believe that big storm we had was a week ago tomorrow… Hope you have a great weekend!


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