it doesn’t rain; it pours

It was looking like we were going to luck out and miss the storms last night. The storm, equipped with golf ball sized hail, torrential rains, and 65 mph straight winds, took a turn from heading east to heading southeast and we got hit. Actually, we went up to South Side, a convenience store, and waited for it to hit. The storm was moving at a not-so-blazing speed of 20-25 mph so just when we thought it must have missed us, there came the rain. Garbage was flying out from the trash cans, things were blowing around, water was seeping through the front door, and Leigh was hoping Bruce’s jeans were still going to be on the line (when we got back to the campers, they were hanging strong).

There was another crew in the convenience store while we were in there that is a three generation crew and the grandpa has been coming to Sentinel for 49 years. Over the years, Blake and his family have gotten to know many of the other harvesting crews so there are the typical questions of how many acres you got, how much have you cut, what are you running, where are you going next, etc.

Once the rain slowed, we headed back to the campers. It took a little for me to fall asleep as the rain was still pounding down at times. In the middle of the night, the pattering sound of rain changed to the clinking sound of hail. I looked out the window and couldn’t see much so hopefully it was minimal.

Blake and I got up this morning and quickly got ready to go to church. I used my google skills and found a Catholic church in Cordell, which is only about 20 miles away from Sentinel. Naturally, it was a tiny church, only slightly larger than the one in Grover (SD) so our new faces stuck out. The priest came over to investigate before church. After mass, the closing announcements included for visitors to please stand. There was another visitor as well and we were all a little hesitant to stand. Once we were all up, we had to say where we were from. The priest assured us that they know when there are visitors with them. While walking out of church, this guy asked where in South Dakota were we from. As it turns out, he used to live in Pierre a long time ago.

We are now taking a detour back to Sentinel, checking on the fields. (I do the majority of posts from my phone.) So far, they aren’t looking too bad. We are thankful we didn’t get the bad hail and that the wheat isn’t laying down too badly in the fields, as that makes for really tough cutting.

Once we get back to Sentinel, it is going to be time for round 2 of church. We are going to go to the Baptist church in town as Blake will be able to see many of his old friends. It has been really busy since we got here so he hasn’t been able to catch up with many of them. It will be nice for him to see them after a whole year and for me to meet them, finally putting some faces with the names.


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