(our real) home sweet home

I think it’s pretty safe to say Blake and I have had a pretty crazy year and we’ve loved almost every little bit of it. One thing I didn’t love was closing on a house, moving in, and leaving for the summer a few days later. At the same time, I am really thankful we will have a home to come back to in the fall. It is way better than trying to start the house hunting once we return. Here are some preliminary pictures. We have some work ahead of us but overall really love our new home!

20120519-151049.jpgBlake right after closing. We celebrated with a taco john’s breakfast because we are classy people.

20120519-151115.jpgThe kitchen, looking in from the dining room.

I have a whole new opinion of animals in the house. This is the dog and cat hair. Don’t worry, Intek came and cleaned all our vents and I think they were even grossed out! Money well spent!
Our bedroom closet.
This is the second bedroom upstairs and our temporary place to sleep. The carpet in our bedroom got pulled up the same day we moved in. Animals, seriously.
Laundry room.
Living room from the dining room.
The dining room, there is a nice covered porch off those doors.
20120519-151322.jpg Our going to be bedroom but currently, office and storage.


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