our friday night

It is Friday night but really it could be Tuesday. Blake always told me that the days run together and I thought it was weird when he would ask me which day of the week it was. I am starting to get why it is hard to keep track.

After we ate supper (a big shout out to my mom for canning a bunch of beef for us this spring-it makes an easy and delish meal for us now), I got in with Blake. Once that field was cut, we had to do some moving around so I made a few trips back to help get all the vehicles in the current field. When the new field was all opened up (cut around the edges), it was time for me to get back in the driver’s seat of the combine. It went a little better, I felt less uncoordinated, and I did do it for longer. I’m sure it will get better, after all it can’t get much worse.

It’s about 10:45 pm and we are just finishing up out here. Overall, it was a really good cutting day with over 400 acres cut, bringing the grand total to around 1300. It’s really weird because it doesn’t seem like hardly anyone else is cutting around here even though the wheat we just finished was 11% or so. The lines at the elevator have been short so it works out great for us!
20120518-224548.jpgBlake and I heading back to a small part of the field. After cutting it, Blake had to back out of the ditch between trees so we didn’t tip over.

20120518-224722.jpgBlake using the auto steer.

20120518-225345.jpgSome of the acres that got cut earlier in the day.

20120518-225750.jpgThe dust plus the sun position makes for some questionable visibility.

20120518-225953.jpgFinally cooling down a little after 7 pm.

20120518-230234.jpgHarvest has some of the best sunsets.

20120518-230437.jpgDriving the combine (and praying I didn’t screw up too bad with the boss man/husband/perfectionist watching me)


3 responses to “our friday night

  1. Hey Darcie. What a neat site. Love reading what is going on with the harvesterswife. And your mom just told me. Very happy days ahead for you and your family.

  2. Blake you are looking a little rough!! Darc said you aren’t shaving till she comes back in July?? Not a good idea 😉 Happy to hear that you are moving right along
    ..hope it all continues to go good!!

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