We made it to Sentinel, Oklahoma! Sentinel is our first stop on the wheat run and we have around 4000 acres to cut here this year. Our trip down was relatively uneventful which was great. The majority of the crew left around 10:30 am Sunday morning and Blake and I got going a couple hours after them. We closed on our house less than two weeks ago (May 4th) and had cleaned the house well, ripped out carpet in the master bedroom and all the flooring in the basement, attempted to get rid of the pet hoarding smell, got organized, and then it was time to pack back up again. Needless to say, we were running a bit behind the rest of the crew. I got my first lesson of pulling our home away from home, which is a 40 foot pull behind camper. Blake’s pickup has a tow/haul feature and the engine break so it’s not too difficult. Am I an expert? No. But as long as no major catastrophe strikes, I should be able to handle getting it from Point A to Point B.

We got to Sentinel around 3 pm Monday and everyone was getting their respective campers ready. Like I said before, we were not the most organized for leaving with everything we have had going on so once I got the dust and dirt cleaned from traveling, I got our stuff relatively organized. We headed to Juanita’s for supper and then Blake and Kate (my sister-in-law) gave me a mini tour of Sentinel and showed me where some of the fields are located.

Today after lunch, Blake and I headed up to Clinton to check on a combine part, pick up some tires, and get some last minute necessities. Another necessity was going to Braum’s, which is the Dairy Queen of the South. My first take, not as good as DQ or B&G but having only tried it once, I better do more research to be sure. We are back in Sentinel and the crew is working on a few things and might go out and try the wheat after a while. Some guy brought in a sample earlier and the wheat was 14.4% so it’s not far off. I’ll be keeping you posted!


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